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Join us for another excellent day of education for our dairy producers. This year’s focus will be on the extremely important and ever evolving area of dairy cow reproduction. As always, a full buffet lunch will be provided along with door prizes, and of course as much practical information to help your farm as you can handle. Topics this year include:

  • Effect of GnRH at Breeding on Conception Rate – Dr. Ronaldo Cerri, UBC
  • Should We Use Two Shots of Prostaglandin in the Ovsynch Protocol – Dr. John Dick
  • Reproductive Health Recording in DairyCOMP 305 – Jeromy Ten Hag, Canwest DHI
  • What’s New with Sexed Semen – Dr. Beverly Chard
  • Farm Specific Disease Protocols – Dr. Phil Chris
  • Recording and Using Disease and Treatment Data – Jeromy Ten Hag, Canwest DHI

Contact Greenbelt by email (office@greenbeltvet.com) or phone (604-792-1501) to reserve your spot today!

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