Does your farm have reproductive issues? There are a number of factors that go into breeding success on a dairy farm. Working with your regular herd veterinarian can help pin-point the potential cause of reproductive deficiencies. Often, the source of the problem is not the cow or the bull, but the personnel in between deciding when to, and performing the breeding.

Dr. Phil Chris has taken over teaching the course that Dr. Marty Darrow developed. It is an excellent course that can train new AI breeders, or offer a great refresher to those already doing the breeding on your farm. This course involves some ‘classroom’ work on the basics of bovine reproduction, followed by some work with cadaver reproductive tracts, and finally working with your own live cows. Dr. Chris also works with you to discuss the other factors that can affect the success of AI including the overall health of your cows, the timing of AI, and other strategies such as timed-AI and embryo transfer.

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