Equine • Greenbelt Veterinary Services

  • Specialist veterinary care for your horse
    Greenbelt Veterinary Services has an equine veterinary specialist providing high quality veterinary care for horses in the eastern Fraser Valley. Dr. Anne Dick, a large animal surgeon, provides specialist care in diagnosis of complicated lameness. She also provides expertise in complicated wound management, pre purchase examinations and surgery. Greenbelt Veterinary Services continues to provide general medical care for your horse, including vaccination, artificial insemination, foal care and treatment for sick horses. Safe, thorough dental care for your horse is an important goal of our practice. Drs. John Dick, Anne Dick, Phil Chris, Beverly Chard, and Christina Lyn provide dentistry services to our equine clients.

  • Vaccination and deworming
    Vaccination and Deworming are part of caring for our horses well being. The vaccination and deworming schedule for your horse will depend on their age, your management situation and your performance goals. Our online Vaccinations for Horses section provides additional information on diseases such as Tetanus, Influenza and West Nile virus. Our Parasite Control section has information on protecting your horse from parasites found in the Fraser Valley. Please speak with one of our veterinarians about a vaccination and deworming program for your horse.

  • Good nutrition
    Good nutrition is as important for horses as it is for people. Nutritional needs change with age and activity level. Correct nutrition for broodmares from mid pregnancy through weaning is important to the health of mom and baby. For growing foals, the correct balance of protein and trace minerals is critical for healthy development of the skeletal system. Athletic horses build fitness and strength when the diet is formulated for performance. Senior horses require easily digestible feeds that maintain good body condition and do not place undue stress on aging intestinal tracts and kidneys.