Embryo Transfer • Greenbelt Veterinary Services

  • Embryo Transfer procedure
    The Embryo Transfer process is a series of steps if undertaken in the correct manner will maximize your investment in embryo transfer. A donor is selected based on genetic merit, treated with superovulation hormones (similar to IVF in humans) and bred to a superior sire.

    • Embryos are collected 6 to 8 days after heat, and once collected the embryos can be:
    • Sexed – determination of the sex prior to transfer or freezing.
    • Split to make identical twins.
    • Frozen for later use or export – both sexed and unsexed embryos.
    • Transferred to synchronised recipient cattle.
    • Average embryo production per donor collected is just over 6.
    • Average pregnancy rates from best quality embryos, sexed or unsexed, to well prepared recipients is over 70%.
  • Embryo collection and embryo transfer success
    Collection and transfer success relies on the selection and preparation of the donors and recipients as well as the skill and experience of an embryo transfer veterinarian. To aid you in achieving your best chance of success in an embryo transfer program please read: “A Guide to Successful Embryo Transfer” for more details about the techniques used and general information on the Embryo Transfer industry see the link: Perspectives on Bovine Embryo Transfer by Mapletoft