Farm Animals • Greenbelt Veterinary Services

  • Medical and surgical services
    GVS continues to provide service in the traditional ‘James Harriot’ sense to all farm animals. We provide emergency services year round and routinely visit farms to examine and treat animals that are ill or suffering. This continues to be one of the most important services offered to our clients.

  • Herd and flock preventative health management programs
    Greenbelt’s goal is healthy, well fed animals that grow and produce well. This can be accomplished through proper nutrition, biosecurity, vaccination, parasite management and good animal husbandry. Many diseases can be minimized or eliminated through good management.

  • Lab services
    Our in-house lab handles milk samples for bacterial culture and identification, colony counts, hygiene evaluations, and antibiotic sensitivity tests, fecal samples for culture, worm egg counts, lung worm and liver fluke diagnoses, and coccidia floatations, blood samples for complete blood counts, dehydration testing, and colostrum intake assessment, urine samples for evaluation as well as skin or hair samples for fungi, bacteria or parasites. Other tissues, blood, serum, and plasma are couriered to several different local and national labs for more complex testing.