DairySMART is in the business of helping dairy farmers achieve continuous improvement and consistent profitability and productivity. We have tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

We assist in making your farm “bullet-proof,” so it can operate according to plan while you are away for holidays or dealing with other managerial functions. This requires a structured work environment where everyone knows what to do and is capable of doing it. Our training programs help equip those working toward this goal.

Systems must be in place to measure the response and make sure you are continuously improving. We will work with your veterinarian, accountant, nutritionist, banker, and lawyer to help your farm achieve its potential. Along with a wide variety of consulting on all aspects of your farm, we provide training courses for your farm workers on virtually every area of dairying that they may participate in.

Our flagship dairy farm personnel training program, The Complete Herdsman Training Program, is run over a two week period every autumn and consists of eight full or part-day courses that include classroom and practical education opportunities. The courses can be taken individually or all together. Click here to get more information about this excellent education opportunity

Along with the Complete Herdsman Training Program, we routinely offer two specific practical training programs to train your personnel on your farm in:

Milker and Milking System Evaluation

Artificial Insemination Training

With our veterinarian’s expertise, we are also able to customize any of our Complete Herdsman courses, or a different practical training opportunity that your farm may require, and present it specifically to your farm’s personnel on your farm with your animals.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office and speak with one of our veterinarians about how we can help your farm run better.