Swine • Greenbelt Veterinary Services

  • Barn visits
    Prior to visiting a barn, Dr. Josh Waddington ensures that they either meet the farms requirements for “pig free” days (for breeding companies) or that they never visit a higher health herd following a herd with more disease problems. A typical pig barn visit includes a review of records (as important as the walk through), a walk through the entire facility discussing problems concerns and future plans pig free time for high health herds.

  • Prevention, diagnostics and treatment of disease
    Understanding disease in your herd: This would include the evaluation of disease pressures within the herd, developing vaccination and treatment protocols specifically needed on your farm, performing routine serologic (blood) profiling (to understand the level of a pathogen in the herd and where transmission occurs) and providing treatments and recommendations for acute disease problems.

  • Production record analysis
    PigCHAMP and hand kept records are analyzed for production efficiency. This is one of the most important and cost effective services that we can offer. The effectiveness of a farm’s breeding, farrowing or growing pig management program lies in the details of well kept records. The decision to make a successful change requires the results before making the change (repeat service rate for example) and afterward (measuring the improvement). We produce a clear graphic presentation (graphs) of the results which is important to communicate information to barn staff.

  • Slaughter checks
    With the cooperation of the slaughter plants, we use a standardized method for analyzing and scoring lung, liver, heart, stomach and snout damage caused by disease. The colour graphic reports show changes over time with comparisons to all farms checked and recommendations are made.

  • Veterinary laboratory services
    We have in clinic laboratory services – Our lab is capable of diagnosing the primary parasites of swine, worms, coccidia, mange mites, lice and others, and provide results on the same or next day. We also perform analyses of blood for anemia and a complete blood count (CBC). Milk vaccines have become an effective means of controlling E. coli and some other diarrheas where commercial vaccines are ineffective. Our lab produces the vaccine or the primer used to make the vaccine on farm. In addition, we use laboratories throughout Canada for support with postmortems, blood, water and feed testing and other diagnostic challenges.

  • Medical records database
    Farm medical records are maintained on line and recent ones are accessible to you. Our unique program improves prompt communication about a lab case with recommendations added on line. Telephone communication follow-up occurs where needed.

  • Consultation on specific health maintenance and production areas

    • Genetic selection – which breeding company and which gilts and boars. How do the different genetics and feeding programs grade on B.C.’s grid with the current bonus structure.
    • Animal introduction from another farm (mixing disease status) – usually the way disease enters herds.
    • Development of isolation/acclimatization facilities – for bringing in new genetics.
    • Gilt development procedures to develop a high producing sow.
    • AI and natural breeding procedures for optimum reproduction including boar stud operation.
    • Review of barn designs – to avoid pitfalls and costly renovations later.
  • Nutritional analysis
    We assist farmers with nutritional problems and provide a second opinion (in addition to the nutritionist) on the analysis of feeding programs.

  • Ventilation analysis
    Using engineering equipment, the environment of the pig is analyzed and compared to standards and requirements.