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Dr. John Dick presents this two-day, 10-hour “hands on” course on the examination of the sick cow. This course focuses on teaching practical skills to allow participants to promptly and accurately identify, diagnose, and treat sick cows. The first day is an in class teaching session, the principles are then reinforced in a barn session the second day, where participants work directly on dairy cows.

The course will cover:

  • A systematic approach to examination of the sick cow
  • Diagnosis of some common diseases such as mastitis, ketosis, displaced abomasum, down cows, and metritis
  • Guidelines on when to call for veterinary assistance
  • Treatment principles for common disease conditions
  • Treatment techniques: blood collection, IV administration, stomach tubing, drenching and bolusing

A course reference binder will be provided and will include 2 classroom and 1 barn session over 2 days.

Contact the office to sign up for this course or the entire Herdsman Training Program
(604) 792-1501

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